Get started API

With this you will be able to avoid opening new accounts and depositing funds in them for the sole purpose of making payments or salaries to your employees. 

Everything can be done under our integration.

Merchant API
for regular e-commerce or any other type of business where you have regular payments to your customers for advertising, winnings, business leads, stock trading, etc.

Why choose us and integrate?


One integration – unlimited amount of payments.

You receive access to all of our payment pathways and all others to come.

You do not need to open accounts and accumulate funds in them.

Especially efficient for E-money and credit transfer establishments, because double holding double balances in technical accounts to cover client funds held in other transfer establishments is not needed anymore.

Sandbox account – to test the integration, before fully using it. (Test your integrations before going live.)

Išsitestuok integraciją prieš pilnai pasileidžiant.

A safe API token, which is directly given out to you.

One click, unlimited amount of payments.

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